Who doesn’t love snacks?
I don’t think there is one person who can say that.

It is not always easy to find gluten free snacks in your market. Sometimes the market doesn’t have gluten free products, sometimes you don’t have money to buy it because as we all can agree, gluten free life isn’t cheap at all. But these are not excuses. You always have one even better and healthier solution. You can make a bunch of delicious snacks in your kitchen. 

After the chips, my favorite snacks are grissini. Grissini are very simple for making. Simple and quick. These homemade grissini or breadsticks are great not only as a snack but also as a appetizers. You can serve it instead of bread, with different kinds of creams, vegetables, cheese, jam or fruit.

You have to be sure that every product you use is gluten free. The Crossed Grain symbol represents a sign of safety and integrity that is known and trusted by consumers. People often ask me which products I exactly use. Different countries have different product offerings. It would be impossible to make one recipe with identical products in two different countries.  Therefore, I would like to emphasize that doesn’t matter which product you use until it has the Crossed Grain symbol. Talk to the Associations of celiac disease in your country about the producers which are safe.


2 dl lukewarm water
1tsp sugar
1tsp yeast
6tbs flour
1tsp salt
100g butter
1tsp baking soda

sesame seeds
cumin seeds

When you knead the dough and shape the grissini, the last step is to bake them – 15 minutes at 250ºC. If you need more precise instruction, watch the video below:

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