Gluten free rustico bread

When you start eating gluten free, first thing you want to make is bread. That’s not always easy. For perfect gluten free bread, you’ll need perfect recipe. 

There is so much improvisation on a theme bread. Some are fluffy inside with a crispy crust outside, some are dark and compact inside, some are with a lot of different kinds of seeds, and some are a combination of everything.

Structure of the bread depends on the density of the dough. If you want to get very soft and fluffy bread, you should put more water than flour. You will get very dense mass which is not compact dough, so you should use bread mold. If you want to get more compact bread roll, you will have to make real dough. That’s mean you should put the same amounts of flour and water. Always set aside 10-20g of flour for kneading. In the end, you can also make combinations of different kinds of flour, with different kinds of seeds.

I am a big fan of bread, and dough generally. I really love to discover new recipes and to create my own in a will to find the perfect combination. Today’s recipe is about rustic bread with crispy crust and soft texture inside. Let me tell you how to get this:


300ml lukewarm water
220g + 20g for kneading Schär Bread Mix – Mix B flour
80g Schär Mix It Dunkel – Mix It Rustico flour
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp dry yeast
40ml vegetable oil

10g flax seeds
10g sesame seeds
20g pumpkin seeds
20g sunflower seeds


Put lukewarm water and sugar in a bowl. It is very important that water be lukewarm. Not too hot or too cold. Sprinkle the yeast and leave for about 15-20 minutes until yeast gets activated. If nothing happens after 20minutes, it would be better to try one more time with new ingredients. Probably the water was too cold or too hot and yeast couldn’t start activating. When you see little bubbles in a bowl, it is time to add all other ingredients.

Mix flours together in a separate bowl. Use an electric mixer to mix it well. Very important is to add flour gradually. So put the seeds and half of amount (150g) of flour in a bowl with the water and mix until smooth, then add 100g more and repeat the whole process. At the end add the rest of the flour (50g) and mix it well. Sprinkle a work surface with the flour and put the dough from the bowl on it. Use extra flour for kneading and knead until you get a very soft dough. Make a bread shape and remove it on a baking tray covered with the baking paper. Leave it to rise double, then bake for about 40 minutes on 230ºC. Check the bread from time to time, just in case.

When the bread is done, replace it on a cooling rack. When it cools down, if you don’t plan to eat it whole that day, you should place it in a plastic bag to keep its softens. 

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