Gluten free bread

Gluten free bread is something that every Celiac or gluten intolerant person will first try to make in her kitchen. There is a lot of gluten free bread that you can buy in a store, but many of them are not good quality and don’t taste good. We can all agree that the best bread is a hot, homemade bread. Crunchy crust, and soft inside.. am sure that there is no person who will refuse one slice of that bread. 

I remember when my mom was making gluten free bread 25 years ago for my sister who has been suffering from Celiac disease since she was born. The bread was like a rubber, and the next day was so hard that you couldn’t eat it. I was so sad looking her eating that untasty bread, while I was having a hot crunchy one which my grandma brought me from the bakery. Few years later, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease too. Luckily, at that time Schär flour was already present in our lives. Mom was improving the bread recipe and every year it was better and better. We went through many different kinds of recipes, from making bread in an electric bakery to the kneading a real dough. Since I have been on glutenfree diet almost 20 years, I tried many kinds of gluten free flour and there were really good ones. One of my favorite breads is Rustico bread, recipe you can find here. Most of the time I use Schär Mix B flour because it is good, it is present so many years in my life and I trust them. They launched a new Mix B flour this year which brings some difficulties to some people, while others are more than satisfied. My personal experience is great. Especially when gluten free bread is about. Smell, taste, and structure of the bread are like from the best bakery in a town. Here is my recipe for the gluten free bread with Schars new Mix B flour.



500ml lukewarm water
500g Schär Mix B flour
1 tbsp dry yeast
1 tsp brown sugar
30ml olive oil
pinch of salt


Put water and sugar in a bowl and sprinkle it with yeast. Leave it for 10-15 minutes to get yeast activated. Add 2/3 of flour, oil and salt and mix with the electric mixer. Put the rest of the flour on the table, place a dough on it and start kneading. Add more flour if needed, but be careful because the dough has to be soft. Shape the bread and leave it on a baking pan for 1h to rise. Bake 30 minutes at 220ºC.


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