Supernatural juice

It’s getting hotter and hotter. Summer is so near that you can almost touch it, and all kinds of refreshments are more than welcome! I have few perfect solutions! This time I will talk about, at the first sight ordinary orange juice. There is so many great ideas that you can borrow from the internet to make unusual summer beverages. This can be one of those adorable tricks. 

 I will show you in a following video two ways how to enrich the taste of your drink and at the same time how to cool it off. 

1. Get all the berries you like, for example I used this time fresh seasonal fruit: cherries, strawberries, raspberries and mint leafs. Place the fruit into a mold for ice, fill each cube with the water and put it into a freezer. After a few hours you will have stunning fruit ice cubes.

2. Slice the lemon, lime and orange (I add peach and strawberries) and place it into the bowl with lid. Put the bowl with fruit into a freezer. After a few hours you will get refreshing iced fruit that will perfectly cool off your drink, give it an extra flavours, without extra water that ordinary ice cubes usually caused.

Enjoy the following video like you will enjoy the coming summer, drinking this perfect refreshment Supernatural juice!

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