Ladyfingers fruit cake

Ladyfinger biscuits are very practical especially when you need something for desert, but you are out of time. With different creams and fruits you will always get some new tastes. One more great thing about this cookie is very interesting and decorative shape. With minimal effort you can get real, tasty dessert. Let me tell you how..


2 Schär Ladyfingers (in Serbia this product is called Savoiardi) packages
1200 ml milk
3 vanilla pudding
150g sugar
500ml whipping cream
25g powdered sugar
300g strawberries
300g bananas
100g dark chocolate


Cook 3 packages of vanilla pudding in 1l milk with 150g sugar. When the pudding is done, leave it in a cold place to cools down. In a meantime dip each cookie in a 200ml of remaining milk, just be sure that the milk is lukewarm, and place them on a plate making a cake shape. When the pudding is ready, mix whipping cream with one tbsp (25g) of powdered sugar. When it gets taff, divided it on two. One part mix with the vanilla pudding and other half keep aside. Take vanilla mixture and divide it on two. Melt dark chocolate. Use one part of vanilla cream and mix it with the melted chocolate and you will get chocolate cream. Now you can clean and cut the fruit. When you have everything done, you can stick everything together. Take the plate with the ladyfingers cookies and fill it with the chocolate cream with bananas on the top. Take vanilla cream and put it on the bananas and add strawberries on the top. Decorate with the remaining whipped cream. 

You can use dry ladyfinger cookies to decorate the cake on the sides. Also, you can add some fruit on the top.

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