Homemade Pâté


Today you can find on the market so many different kinds of pâté creams. Pâté from meat, fish, with all kinds of vegetables … whatever taste you imagine. They are very delicious, and they become even more delicious when you see a gluten free sign on the packaging. I am also a big fan of it, but every time I ate hot slice of bread with pâté and cold sour cream, I asked myself what did I just eat? 

Pâté is usually made from the intestines and other animal offal, with a lot of additives which keeps food to stay fresh. Next time when you decide to eat quick  “bread and pâté” breakfast, think well do you really want to do that to your stomach. 

I am talking about this not to make you stop eating pâté, but to show you how easy is to make healthy, delicious homemade pâté.


500g chicken or turkey fillet
200ml broth
1 tsp salt
100g cheese cream
1/2 tsp pepper
2 dry tomatoes
1 tsp horseradish

Preparing method:

Cook the fillet. You can cook it in a pot while you are cooking a soup, or you can cook it separately in a water and spices (salt, pepper and laurel leaf). After you cook the meat, take it from the pot and leave to cool down. Put the meat in a blender with all other ingredients and mix. Place the pâté in a bowl with lid. This pâté can stay in the refrigerator for up to three days.

My advice for homemade pâté is to eat it with hot toast or with delicious, always fresh and crispy Schär crackers. This finger food is great for all kinds of celebrating, parties or evening gatherings with friends. With minimal effort, homemade pâté will save your stomach.

To add a special culinary note to this simple recipe, try to combine it with avocado cream. Everything about avocado and refreshing homemade avocado cream you can find here. 

Bon Appétit

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