Bacon Pancakes

Have you ever be in a situation that you woke up in the morning and realized that you don’t have bread? If you have eggs, flour and sour cream or yogurt, you won’t need a bread. You will have amazing breakfast in just 5 minutes!

These pancakes have a million variations. You can make it with all kinds of cheese, you can add some ham or bacon .. Vegetables goes great too! It is fast but very strong and tasty meal that will keep you full until lunch. These pancakes I make only in salty variation, but you can try with sweet one too if you prefer sweet breakfast. 

For these bacon pancake you will need:

bacon 🙂
2 eggs
1 tbsp sour cream, or a cup of yogurt
1 tsp rosemary
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp char Mix B, Bread Mix flour
Gouda cheese, but you can put any cheese you like

I love to put a cherry tomato on the top, because I like the taste of grilled tomato very much. Fry the pancake on the both sides for 2 minutes and that’s it! You will have amazing breakfast in 5 minutes.

Have a nice day!

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