Avocado pizza

There are several different ways how to make a pizza dough, I personally like this one the most. You already had the opportunity to read about this principle on my blog. The only difference is that I didn’t let the dough rise this time, and the result at the end was great.


250ml lukewarm water
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon dry yeast
50ml sunflower oil
pinch of salt
210 g flour (Schar, Mix B)
100ml of tomato juice
half of avocado
1 tomato
100g mozzarella cheese
1 egg


Put a lukewarm water in a bowl, add sugar and sprinkle it with a yeast. Wait until the yeast starts growing, then add all other ingredients and mix. Oil your hands and move the dough on a plate covered with a baking paper. Make the pizza shape, put some tomato juice, and put the pizza into a preheated oven (220C) for about 15 minutes. In a meantime finely chop the tomato and avocado. After the 15 minutes put the chopped ingredients and egg on pizza. Bake it another 15 minutes. At the end add some mozzarella cheese and bake it 2 more minutes until the cheese melt.

You can salt all ingredients if you prefer it more that way.

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