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Every season brings its own taste and familiar smells which represents specific feelings. Talking about winter, that would be hot beverages, roasted food and sweets with a lot of honey. The smell of roasted apple that filled the whole house, while snow is covering backyard and preparing the perfect playground for us kids are moments that will stay written in my mind till the end of time. That is one of the main reasons why this fruit prepared on that specific way will always remind me on winter and home. 

Inspired by #mySchaercreation competition and their 3  must have ingredient which are Cereale del Mastro Panettiere, apple and honey, I have created this amazing winter recipe, which because of its adorable contradictory can be also a great refreshing summer recipe. You will see why.

List of ingredients

 Cereale del Mastro Panettiere (300g packaging)
3 tbsp honey
50g butter
2 apples (500g)
150ml whipping cream
1 tsp cinnamon
50g roasted almonds
 100g sugar

Preparing method 

Wash the apples and leave them in preheated oven (250ºC) for about a half hour. Turn off the oven and leave the apples to cool down another 30 minutes.


Peel them and cut on a 4 peaces, put in a plastic bag and leave in a freezer for about 2 hours. In a mean time hit the butter and honey in a pan, put a bread slice on it and fry each side until golden. Be careful because few seconds can cause the burning bread, and you don’t need that. After you are done, leave the bread on a baking paper to cool down.

 Cereale del Mastro Panettiere bread has very rich taste. It is full of fibers, cereals and seeds which give it unique taste. In a case that you can’t find this kind of bread in your town, you can try with other gluten free bread.

Use a ❤ shaped mold to make a small ❤ from bread. I made 2❤ of each slice, but it depends on the size of the mold. You are free to make any size or shape that you like.

Melt sugar in a pot, until you get caramelized syrup. Now you have to do everything very quickly. Use the same shapes you used for the bread and fill them with this melted sugar, which will become real sugar candies. Until the sugar is still hot, sprinkle it with roasted, finely chopped almonds. The sugar will become very hard when its cools down, so it is better to make those candies as thin as possible.



Now is time to finish the apple cream. When you roast, peel and freeze the apples you will get 350g instead of 500g from the beginig. Put the frozen apples in a blender with cinnamon and whipping cream and mix. This apple cream is the reason why the recipe can be both, winter and summer. If you eat it until it is in a form of ice cream, it can be really pleasant refreshment, but if you leave it in a room temperature, it won’t melt down, the taste will be the same and it will become real winter sweets.

When you have everything prepared, you can make as much layers you want. Keep in mind to put the sugar candy on the top.

❤Wish you a Merry Christmas
Happy New Year ❤


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