Savoury Ice Cream

The idea came from melted cheese. I used domestic Dalmatian semi-hard cheese, but depending on your taste you can use any semi-hard cheese. I discovered when you put grated cheese into a heated pan, it will melt into the shape you desire. I made round shapes (flat pancakes) from grated cheese, placed them in a frying pan and left for a minute to get a golden color. It will become compact so you can move it to a plate and shape it to whatever you want. 


Keep in mind that once it cools down, you won’t be able to change the shape. So, if you want to make a cone shape from your cheese pancake, you have to do it while it’s still hot. Hot cheese is sticky and acts like glue, put your creative hat on and make plenty of different shapes. If it does get cold, just add fresh cheese on a certain part you’d like to change and reheated again until you get what you want. When you are done, leave it to cool down, and the result will be tough crispy cheese cones.

With cream, you can use your imagination and be creative relative to your taste.
I had chicken soup with vegetables, so I used all the ingredients from there and mixed it with feta cheese. 

DSC_0783 copy

To resume, I had:

chicken meat
+ feta cheese, all that blended together. 

You can put it in a freezer, or eat like that.

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