Energy Bars

Energy bars are great snack, but usually they contain grains that I can’t eat. Sometimes when I find gluten free variant of energy bars in a market they are quite expensive, and I don’t have idea why. I love to prepare it at home, and the ingredients are not that expensive.

This snack is healthy, it gives you extra energy and one what is most important it is tasty. It doesn’t contain milk or egg, so it can stay in a fridge for 2 weeks. But what actually goes in energy bars?

The key thing in this recipe is to make the base. When you have good base, than you can add any nuts, seeds and fruits you like. For the base you will need cornflakes (keep in mind that it has to be gluten free. Not all cornflakes are gluten free), butter, dark chocolate and honey. As much other ingredient you put, the taste will be better. I add some walnuts and sunflower seeds, dried fruit and sesame. If you decide to put some nuts too, roasted it first because it will get more intense taste.

When you combine all the ingredients (the procedure you can see in the following video), put it in a fridge to get harden.

I always have some snack in my bag. Having this one is a real treasure. 

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