Smoothie No3 – Corn Smoothie

If you like sweet breakfast, you should try this one.

Cornflakes is one of those products which can be used in many ways and many different recipes. You can eat it alone, with yogurt or milk, you can make cookies, or some salty snacks. One very useful information is that you can use it instead of bread crumbs. The result is even better! I already post some interesting recipes with cornflakes on my blog, so if you are fan, after this one I recommend to try and the others. 

Smoothie is a very refreshing dish, but also healthy and full of energy. I usually make it with yogurt, but if you prefer milk, you can try with it. Ingredients:

sour cherries

This recipe is great because banana and dates are sweet enough so you don’t have to add some extra sugar. Keep in mind that you can always replace the ingredients that you don’t like with some that you prefer more. Sometimes the recipe is not perfect for your taste, but it can give you an idea how to use some specific ingredient.


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