Ladyfingers Cake


Ladyfingers or should I call it biscuit pudding cake?

This is one of those instant recipes, where you can buy all ingredients. You need biscuits, whipping cream, milk, pudding, chocolate … all these ingredients can contain gluten, so be careful when you decide to make this cake. All products must be gluten free! When you get all ingredients, the procedure won’t be too much complicated. 


200g ladyfingers biscuit ( Schar Savoiardi )
60g Petit biscuit ( Schar Petit biscotto classico )
500ml milk
3 tbsp sugar
100ml whipping cream
2 bananas
chocolate cream:
     · 100g dark chocolate
     · 2 tbsp chocolate cream
     · 100ml whipping cream

Cut each ladyfinger on 2 pieces until you get enough biscuits to make whole circle around the plate where you will place the cake. Crumble the remaining biscuits with the knife, combine with 100ml lukewarm milk and place on a plate. 

For filling I used vanilla pudding and whipping cream. When you get vanilla filling, half of it mix with the chocolate cream ( Principe for making chocolate cream you can find here ), in other half add some chopped banana. 

My advice is to put the cake in a fridge by night, because the taste will be much, much better the day after.

For more instruction watch the following video:

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