Sweet Brown rice

Holidays and celebrations across Serbia are known for one very old, but special and tasty recipe – koljivo. Believe it or not, the basic ingredient of this sweet dessert is … wheat. Being on top of the list of not allowed ingredients for us celiacs we try to avoid this dish as much as we can in this period. Until now. There is a trick which will bring a smile on the face of every celiac. Instead of using main ingredient – wheat, you can use one other grain – brown rice, which is by its taste and structure, very similar to cooked wheat. Check out video below to find out how to make perfect gluten free koljivo for the upcoming holidays and celebrations. You can find list of ingredients below:


300g brown rice
500ml water
300g ground walnuts
150g finely chopped dark chocolate
50g raisins or dried cranberries
3 tbs honey


For decoration:

Whipped cream
Cocoa powder


Cook rice on low heat until it becomes soft than leave to cool down. Add all other ingredients and mix well. Believe it or not … that’s all. 

Enjoy upcoming holidays. 

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