St Valentine’s cookies


Any cookie can be St. Valentine’s day cookie.
The most important thing is to be made with love.

In 18th-century England, St. Valentine’s day evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other. In Europe, St. Valentine’s Keys are given to lovers as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock their heart. Sweets are, in my opinion, much better way to express your love to someone. Sweets you have made by yourself off corse. As I said, any cookie can be St.Valentine’s. So whatever you decide to make on this special day for someone who means to you, you won’t make mistake. 

… biscuit, chocolate and banana …

Is there any simpler and better combination? I don’t think it is. You have sharp dark chocolate flavor, powdery Biscuit to reduce that darkness and banana which in this case has a role to refresh. All that united in a small bites which in one moment fulfill all your senses. 

Cookies are very simple for making. You will need biscuits (for example Petit biscuits), banana, butter, jam and dark chocolate. Grind the biscuits and mix it with melted butter, banana and jam. Leave it in the fridge for half an hour to get tightened. Shape the balls and topped it with the dark chocolate. That’s pretty much it! How simple is that? For detailed instruction watch the following video.

Enjoy this beautiful day with someone special and keep in mind that every day can be the Valentine’s Day.

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