Smoothie No1

Smoothie is one of my favourite morning meals. It is easy to make, tasty, light and you won’t be hungry until lunch. My smoothie base is almost always a yogurt. I love the taste and the texture it gave. Another ingredient that I can’t avoid is banana. It fulfils the taste and density of the yogurt, so I could say that perfect base for my smoothie is mixed banana and yogurt. 

When you have the base, you can add other ingredients depending of what you like. I love to put some nuts … walnuts or almonds. You can mix it or just chop it. Banana is sweet enough, but if you need more sweetness, add some honey or a few (palm) dates. Beside the banana, you can put any other fruit you like. This time I have put one apple and a few dried cranberries. During the winter, when you make something from apples, you simply can’t avoid the cinnamon, so I sprinkle my smoothie with some cinnamon.

When I eat this for breakfast, I feel much better during the whole day. I have more energy and I can’t wait until the next morning to repeat this sweet ritual.

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