Homemade Nutella

Today when we have an enormous selection of sweets in stores, someone may seem absurd to make homemade Nutella. But for those who have children, I’m sure this idea will not sound bad. My son is a 1 year and 4 months old. We still do not practice giving him industrial sweets, because we think he’s still really small. There are so many other healthier snacks we can offer to him. Any fruit will always put a smile on his face, milk with organic cocoa and honey is a delicacy before evening bathing, and the piece of home-made chocolate from cocoa, honey, and coconut oil is a real pleasure for both him and us, as we watch him enjoying the sweet treats. He already loves the grandma’s homemade plum jam with black chocolate, and that makes me thinking of making a homemade Nutella.

Do not expect the taste to be identical to the original, because that is not the aim of this recipe. But rejoice because your children will surely love it. They are the most stringent judges, right?

This chocolate cream is very simple and quick to make, the only important thing is to choose high-quality ingredients because it will affect the final result. Here’s a list of the ingredients you will need:

50g of coconut oil
15g of cocoa butter
50g of acacia honey
25g of dark chocolate (at least 70% of cocoa)
25g of cocoa powder
60g of roasted hazelnuts
50ml sweet cream

Melt coconut oil and cocoa butter on low heat, then add honey and chocolate. When all is well melted, add the cocoa powder and ground roasted hazelnuts.
The resulting cream would be quite strong for children if you left it this way. Adding ordinary milk you would prevent it from getting tight. That’s why my choice was sweet cream. It relieves the bitterness and strength of cocoa, but it has enough neutral taste so it won’t dominate this combination. You can put coconut cream instead, but keep in mind that it will additionally enhance the taste of coconut that is already present because of the coconut oil.
When you add sweet cream, mix everything well with a stick mixer and pour into a jar with a lid. If you plan to eat everything the same day, you do not have to put the cream in the fridge, but if you have made a larger amount of it, my advice is to keep it in a cold place because of sweet cream.

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