Peach/Plum Choco Pie

 Like most of my recipes, this one was created completely accidentally.

I was making a peach syrup and was left with too many cooked peaches. Ideas immediately started popping up. Earlier that day, I was planning to make a plum pie with chocolate, because I had fresh organic plums from mums garden. Imagining the combination of hot chocolate and soft plums, was enough to get me to work immediately, but as I said, I started with the peach syrup. When I realized that I have 3 very sweet cooked peaches, I decided to change my plum plan a bit.

I made a very simple dough, and simple filling. You can use any kind of fruit, any combination of fruit, but you can not leave out the chocolate.

What you’ll need for this sweet rhapsody …

DSC_1002 copy

For a pie crust:

 1 egg
 150ml yogurt
 2 tbs honey (up to taste)
 50g finally chopped raw almonds
 70g butter
 1tsp baking powder
 150g flour

DSC_1023 copy


               Fruity filling:

            3 peaches
            7 plums
            70g dark chocolate


Let’s make a pie crust first.

Mix egg, honey, yogurt, butter and almonds in a bowl. Then add flour gradually. While you are adding flour, use your hands to make the dough.

When you get a soft, non sticky dough, cut it in two parts, 2/3 and 1/3 parts. Use the bigger piece to cover your baking pan, and a smaller one to put it on the top of the pie.

DSC_1011 copy

DSC_1012 copy

DSC_1013 copy

Fruity filling

As I said earlier, I made the filling from the plums, chocolate and cooked peaches. You can use fresh fruit and add 1 or 2tbs honey, depending on your taste. All you have to do is to cut the fruit into a pan, chop the chocolate and cover it with the remaining dough.

DSC_1032 copy

DSC_1040 copy

That’s pretty much it. Now you only have to bake it. It will be done in 20 minutes at 200ºC (392ºF). I recommend not to wait until it cools down. Nothing can replace a combination of soft juicy fruit and hot chocolate!

DSC_1089 copy

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