How to teach your kids to love vegetables?

From the first day when they try to eat solid foods, children should learn to love fruits and vegetables.

It is not always easy to recognize if a child really can’t eat something or he uses his sweet little tricks to avoid what he does not like. While they are growing, they understand more the world around them and what they like or dislike. My son is currently in the stage that everything new he tries he spits first and then thinks if he likes it or not. I have to admit, a very strange phase, as well as many so far. One of the tricks is definitely serving. The more creatively serving food is, the more chance is that a child will try something new. But what if he really does not like that? Children’s tastes change rapidly and it’s very possible that something he liked yesterday, he will start avoiding tomorrow. In this case, you can try my new recipe – Chinese food, kids version. Chinese food is very popular in our home, and perhaps one of the most common dishes is Chicken with Peanuts. It’s chicken with vegetables in sweet soy sauce with peanuts. Peanut is one of the biggest allergens and you should introduce it among the latest foods into the kid’s life. The same is with a soy sauce which is quite strong for a gentle child’s stomach. Therefore, these two main ingredients will be replaced by something else.

This dish consists of 5 parts:


You can use whatever vegetable you want. My favorite combination is leek, Chinese cabbage, zucchini, and eggplant. Heat the olive oil and add chopped leek, then add the other vegetables cut into the sticks. Salt, very little, depending on your taste but also depending on the age of your child. Use another pan to heat the olive oil and fry finely chopped white meat (chicken, turkey …). When it gets golden mix it with vegetables.

The sauce that I invented instead of soy sauce, became a real treat for my son, and the ingredients are completely safe for his stomach.

Ingredients for the topping:

2 tbsp of cream cheese
1 tsp of pumpkin oil
1 tsp of honey

After you have mixed the dressing into vegetables and meat, roast and finally chop hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds, then sprinkle over-served meal. Keep in mind that no matter how many teeth your child has, it can happen that a piece of food slips to his throat and he starts to choke. They are still small and do not think about what can happen if they do process their food well. Especially if they eat something they like, be sure there will be plenty of unprocessed pieces. Serve with boiled rice, which you can freely mix with all the other ingredients.

Remember that with children and food you can’t be sure, so be well prepared with patience and start using your creativity in food preparation for your most important tasters! Good luck!

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