Halloween Zucchini

Halloween is getting closer, so you better be prepared.

“Halloween is also known as All Saints’ Eve because it is the evening before the Christian holy days of All Hallows’ Day. Some folklorists have detected its origins in the Roman feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, or in the festival of the dead called Parentalia … Some have linked it to the Celtic festival of Samhain, which comes from the Old Irish for “summer’s end”. Samhain was one of the most important days in the medieval Gaelic calendar and was celebrated on 31 October–1 November in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. From the 16th century, it involved people going house-to-house in costume, usually reciting verses or songs in exchange for food.
After mass Irish and Scottish immigration in the 19th century, Halloween became a major holiday in North America. By the first decade of the 20th century, it was being celebrated by people of all social, racial and religious backgrounds.”

The Halloween we know today is not a pagan or religious event. It changed its meaning and purpose many times since then. Today we celebrate it for fun, for costume parties, themed food and creativity. Even if you love this holiday or not, you must admit it can be fun.

These Halloween stuffed zucchini are a great choice for Halloween dinner. The recipe is not that hard, so let’s see what you will need of ingredients:

2 round shaped zucchini
1tsp butter
2tbsp olive oil
25g bacon
1 carrot (50g)
85g minced beef
40g rice
pinch of salt and pepper
1 egg
1 tbsp sour cream

All you have to do is to mix all ingredients and fill the zucchini. Put the stuffed zucchini with one cup of water in a pot and cook for about 1h on medium heat (or 180ºC).  Precise preparing method you can see in the following video.

Happy Halloween!

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