Peach syrup

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I remember how we didn’t like natural, homemade juices when we were kids. Every house in my home town had elderberry juice. When you go to visit your friends, their mums always offer you elderberry, and all you ever wanted was the ice cold Coca-Cola..

I grew up and suddenly started loving these natural homemade juices. Elderberry has a specific taste, and I think that’s the main reason why kids don’t like it. Pick the fruit you like, or your kids like, or your boyfriend or girlfriend likes and make healthy, refreshing juices.

For about 10 glasses of peach juice, you will need

3 bigger peaches (or 500g)
1 cup of sugar or honey and
1 cup water.

Cut the peaches, and place it in a pot with water and sugar/honey. Cook it on a low heat for 1h, then leave it to cool. You can strain it from peaches, or you can leave the peaches and the polpa in if you like your juices with texture.

Keep the syrup in the refrigerator, given that it has no additives that prevent spoilage.

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