Jaffa Sticks

One of my favourite combinations is orange with dark chocolate. When you add some biscuits to this great pair you get jaffa sweets. The smell of orange peel in a cookies reminds me on winter and Christmas. Regarding to that, jaffa sticks could be great sweets for this period. 


3 fresh oranges
200ml orange juice
200ml honey
50g ground biscuits (homemade or Schar Petit biscuit)
50g dark chocolate

Very important for this recipe is to leave the orange peel in a water for about 4 days. You should change the water at least once a day. After that you have to boil the peel 7 to 10 times. These are very important steps to get really clean peel. When you caramelise the orange juice and honey, add the spices and peel and cook until it get soften. Each piece of peel sprinkle with a ground biscuit and put in a melted dark chocolate. Put it on a baking paper and leave it in a fridge to stay over night. The whole procedure you can see in the following video. Enjoy!


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