In Serbia we call it Mekike – some kind of donuts. It is a delicious pastry you can eat with various/additional ingredients, salty or sweet.

I can say it is traditional meal in my country. We have learned to make it from our great – grandmothers, like many other delicious food. I must admit that nothing can compare to the food they used to make, but we have to keep trying to reach that cooking level. To lead their steps but also to add something new, and be innovative.

This recipe I took from the younger generation, from my mom. I didn’t add anything new, because I like the way it is. 


2dcl lukewarm water
1tbs sugar
1tsp yeast
300g Schar Mix B flour

+ sunflower oil

As I said, you can eat it salty or sweet. I love it with homemade plum jam!

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