In Serbia we call it Proja. Original proja was made of corn flour, oil, water and salt. Nowadays there are plenty of variations for this dish. As you will see, my recipe for proja includes much more ingredients. The newest ingredient is sugar. I add it quite accidentally, and I really like the taste I got.

Cornbread or proja is a very quick dish. You can put whatever you like in it. Ajvar, pickles, zucchini, ham … are just a few suggestions. I like to put at last 2 kinds of cheese because then is more softened. It is great in combination with a cup of yogurt for breakfast, but you can also eat it as additional bread. 

Here is the recipe for my gluten free proja:

1 egg
100ml sunflower oil
200ml milk
100ml mineral water
1 tsp baking powder
120g feta cheese
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
2tbs corn flour
2tbs bread flour
2tbs cornmeal
120g smoked cheese

sunflower seeds

The principle of making proja is simple, you can see it in the video below.

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