Chocolate Macarons

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Macarons are very popular sweets these days. Given that I have celiac disease, I was very sceptic when someone tell me that they are gluten free, so I refused to try them in restaurants. Until one month ago, when I saw them in one candy store with gluten free mark. It was very delicious. I tried many flavors, but all of them had something in common, some familiar taste that I have tried long ago. Suddenly I figure out. Macarons are actually the “padobranci”! Padobranci are an old cookie recipe, I use to eat when I was little. Difference is that today you can find Macarons in a million different colours and different flavors. 

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One thing I really don’t like here are those artificial colours, and artificial flavors. I am sure that all these colours and flavors we can get mixing different kinds of fruits. For the very first time, I tried with chocolate macarons. I thought it would be the most easier … and I was right. It was easy. 



3 egg whites
2 tsp lemon juice
9 tbsp sugar
100g ground almonds
1 tbsp cocoa powder


100g dark chocolate
2 tbsp chocolate cream
150ml whipping cream

If you have celiac disease be sure that cocoa powder, dark chocolate, chocolate cream and whipping cream are gluten free. As you probably already know, these products have a predisposition to be contaminated with gluten.

Someone says that Macarons are most delicious after 3-4 days, but don’t wait that long. They are also very delicious after 3-4 seconds.
Here is 2 minutes video with all instructions that will help you make these beauties. It is simple as it looks. I am sure you will enjoy both, making and eating!

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