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Yeast free gluten free bread

In most cases, people with celiac disease have a problem with the immune system, which often manifests as general exhaustion. The causes are different, most commonly is anemia (iron deficiency in the bloodstream), overgrowth of candida fungus (candidiasis), Thyroid disruption, … Candida is also found in a healthy organism, but its level is controlled. If the candida level in the body starts growing, its toxic…

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Rustico bread

I am big fan of pastry! Breads, rolls, donuts … I love everything! Thats why I am making new bread recipes all the time. Rustico bread if one of my favourite. You can be creative as much as you want! Here is a newest recipe for that kind of bread. I invented it for one special occasion-Lidl gastro star competition. Take a look!   Ingredients:…

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