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Smoothie No2

The only equipment you need for this tasty and healthy drink is a blender! Smoothies are made using the whole fruit/vegetable, so you get all the fiber in your drink. Drinking a glass every day will provide you with all the vitamins you need. They can be in different colours, with different combinations of ingredients, decorated in a funny way, so it’s a great way to…

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Smoothie No1

Smoothie is one of my favourite morning meals. It is easy to make, tasty, light and you won’t be hungry until lunch. My smoothie base is almost always a yogurt. I love the taste and the texture it gave. Another ingredient that I can’t avoid is banana. It fulfils the taste and density of the yogurt, so I could say that perfect base for my smoothie is…

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Peach syrup

I remember how we didn’t like natural, homemade juices when we were kids. Every house in my home town had elderberry juice. When visiting your friends, their mums always offered you elderberry, and all you ever wanted was the ice cold Coca-Cola. I grew up and suddenly started loving these natural homemade juices. Elderberry has a specific taste, and I think that’s the main reason…

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