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Bread pie

If you have problems with gluten, you are probably familiar with the fact that gluten-free diet is very expensive. Flour and bread are something that we eat almost every day. Gluten-free bread has the amazing taste and texture first day, the second day is ok, but the third day it is already too dry and it is not that tasty. Instead of throwing it in a trash, you…

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Bruschetta with avocado and anchovy

  A light appetizer or a great solution for evening gathering with friends .. It can be both one and the other! Bruschetti are a very decorative dish, which is why they are popular at various parties, receptions, private gatherings. The combinations of ingredients for the preparation of the Bruschetti are inexhaustible, and most of them are very simple. Most classical Bruschetti are made with…

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Gluten free Flower Garden

  Perfect for your body and soul.. This gluten free recipe can be served as a breakfast, appetizers or snacks. With some bechamel sauce, it can be lunch too. The only thing you actually have to do is a dough. The flavor of the flowers depends on what you like to eat. You can make it with meat, or vegetables… I really love cheese, so one of the flowers in my garden must include at least one kind…

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Cornflakes Pie

Cooking has become a kind of art. People around the world innovate a new dishes every day. Those are mostly familiar dishes just prepared in a different way, with different ingredient combination. I am one of those people and my Cornflakes pie is one of those modified dishes.  The idea came from regular Burek . That means that the base for this cornflakes pie is mix of cheese,…

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Christmas breakfast

Winters breakfast or Christmas breakfast is a themed dish that you can prepare for your kids, not only in a winter’s days but during the whole year. Just choose different shapes related to the season and they will love whatever you make for them. Tomorrow is a Christmas to all Orthodox Christians. I decided to post this video today so they can surprise their family with this…

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In Serbia we call it Proja. Original proja was made of corn flour, oil, water and salt. Nowadays there are plenty of variations for this dish. As you will see, my recipe for proja includes much more ingredients. The newest ingredient is sugar. I add it quite accidentally, and I really like the taste I got. Cornbread or proja is a very quick dish. You can put whatever…

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  Ingredients 1egg 1 tsp salt 30ml sunflower oil 130g feta cheese spring roll pastry Filling Mix egg, salt, oil, and cheese. Method In a baking pan place spring roll pastry, brush it with a filling. Repeat this method how many times you want, depending on how big burek you want to get. Bake it on 250ºC for 20 minutes.  


  Gluten free tortillas with fresh rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and mini mozzarella!   If you can’t find gluten free tortillas at your favorite market, there is an even better solution: Make them! It is pretty simple. All you need is: 1tsp sugar 100ml lukewarm water 1 tbsp yeast, or baking powder 3 cups bread mix flour 1/2 tsp salt 50ml sunflower oil If you have…

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