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1 tsp salt
30ml sunflower oil
130g feta cheese
spring roll pastry


Mix egg, salt, oil, and cheese.


In a baking pan place spring roll pastry, brush it with a filling. Repeat this method how many times you want, depending on how big burek you want to get.

Bake it on 250ºC for 20 minutes.



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  • Jade

    Written on Tuesday December 6th, 2016

    Hi Tea , id love to try your burek recipe as your croissant recipe is a hit in my home. Where would i look or find the spring roll recipe?

    Thank you in advance.
    Jade Šobat

    • teadmin1

      Written on Tuesday January 17th, 2017

      Hi Jade, I am glad that you like my croissant recipe that much! Did you mean where to find spring roll pastry (rice papers)? You can find it in Mercator (Novi Beograd). If you were asking for spring roll recipe, try to find it on Google, I don’t have specific recipe.

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