Banana Cookies

If you didn’t try to add a banana in a dough, it is about time to discover that perfection.

Banana keks copy


250g flour

50g whole almonds

2 bananas

150g sugar

100g chocolate

1 egg

100g butter

Use electric mixer to whip the bananas, egg, butter and sugar together. Then add flour, baked almond, smashed chocolate and mix all ingredients with big spoon until you get the dough consistency. The dough has to be soft, but not too much sticky. Grease your hands with butter and make cookies. Bake them on 200-250 degrees celsius for half an hour. When they are done leave it to cool down a bit in order for them to get crunchy. If you can not wait, you can eat them immediately. Both ways, the taste is fantastic!

Add cocoa in dough, and you will get brown banana cookies.


If you miss the taste of chocolate banana, this is one of the variation that outstrips the main theme!

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